Not your typical Historical Fiction

If you like historical fiction, action, fantasy, and mystery, this may be the book for you.

Chasing Pharaohs FINAL front cover

In 1493 BC, Pharaoh Kheper-Re rules the Egyptian city of Thebes. But his reign is far from secure. Tau, a shadow hunter, has an old score to settle and seeks to destroy the ancient bloodline of the Two Lands.

Commander Shenq, a young northerner with a knack for swords, is primed to protect one of the desert fortresses from the southern invaders. When the old Commander of Thebes is forcibly retired and sent to lead the Medjai in the hills, Shenq is ordered back to Thebes to take his place. He is confined in the palace to deal with the rantings of a neurotic Pharaoh, and charged to protect his only son and heir.

Tau takes up residence in the marshes of the river Nile, hoping to raise armies to invade Thebes. An outcast, abandoned by his mother and thrown out of the Pharaoh’s army, he is determined to get revenge. He grows stronger with sorcery and stalks Shenq, the son of Commander Cambyses who flogged him some fourteen years earlier for stealing a much favored horse.

A book for eighteen-year-olds and up, Chasing Pharaohs is not your typical historical fiction novel. The ancient Egyptian setting is spot-on—a crucial element for a novel like this—but what really makes this novel stand out from others in its field is the complex cast of individuals that make up the story. The unpredictable characters make for a much more interesting read. The antagonist is both fascinating and creepy, and the protagonist genuine and relatable. I love how Stibbe uses lesser-known facts to enrich the historical setting, such as the ancient Alodian kingdom and the nomadic Shasu people. Plenty of action keeps the storyline engaging. Both the world-building and the emotional depths of the characters are very satisfying. Great read for historians and adventure-seekers alike!

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