The Most Excellent Worldwide Book Tour ~ Joseph Mark Brewer


Author Name:  Joseph Mark Brewer

Book Title: The Gangster’s Son,  The Thief’s Mistake   

Genre and Sub-Genre: mystery/international mystery/suspense/thriller 

Book Content Rating:  Adult, based on violence

smalldrb7Joseph Mark Brewer

Author Bio

Joseph Mark Brewer developed a love of reading, travel, and an interest in the world at an early age. An enlistment as a journalist in the U.S. Navy allowed him to visit more than 40 cities in Europe and Asia. Since then he has worked as a writer and editor at newspapers in the U.S., Japan and Canada. His Shig Sato Mystery series is based on his ex-pat days in Tokyo. These days, both fiction and non-fiction work demands most of his time. On any given day, it’s a toss-up which one prevails.

FINIFNThe Gangster’s Son

Book Blurb: The Gangster’s Son

Will a cop’s secret ties to the yakuza keep a killer from justice? On a sweltering June midnight in a Tokyo back alley a beautiful young jazz club waitress is dead. Her U.S. Marine boyfriend is missing. And the club’s owner is nowhere to be found.

Inspector Shig Sato’s Criminal Investigation team arrives on the scene. Sato doesn’t like what he finds. Sato knows he must find the Marine and bring him in before demonstrations and diplomatic firestorms derails the investigation..

Then Sato discovers the club owner is the son of notorious yakuza boss Ses Fujimori.

The Sato and Fujimori families have been bound by honor and tradition for generations. It’s something Sato cannot escape or avoid. And Sato is in Fujimori’s debt for help in solving a case many years before. Sato knows the gangster will hold the debt over him to get what he wants: freedom for Jun, no matter what. And Sato is sure Fujimori will stop at nothing.

Will Sato confront his past and risk his career to bring a young woman’s killer to justice?

jbbookcoverrThe Thief’s Mistake

Book Blurb: The Thief’s Mistake  

Fraud. Arson. Murder. And an autistic boy’s life could be in danger.

Once a respected Tokyo police inspector, Shig Sato is coping with forced retirement and the death of his wife. Now a very reluctant P.I., he decides to help the hapless Kobayashi twins when they are accused of murder. Sato knows the twins are harmless. But soon it becomes clear to the ex-inspector that his old enemies in the department are still out to get him.

Then Sato discovers an autistic boy may be the key to murders – and the boy’s life could be in danger.

Sato goes from reluctant P.I. to a man on a mission – find the culprit behind ‘the perfect plan’ that has led to murder, arson, and has put a 10-year-old autistic boy in danger.

Sato is in a race against time – save the child from harm and stop a killer from striking again.

Review(s): The Gangster’s Son

. “A fresh, intelligent, and complex plot … a compelling story with multilayered characters.”

 “True Japanese grit …”

“Unique …”

“Can’t wait ’til the next adventure …”

Review(s): The Thief’s Mistake

Exquisitely plotted, realistic, and drenched in the cultural richness of late 20th century Tokyo.

Unfailingly complex and authentic”

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The Gangster’s Son 

The Thief’s Mistake

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