The Sans Pareil Mystery – Karen Charlton (2015)

Source: The Sans Pareil Mystery – Karen Charlton (2015)

Received from the publisher via Netgalley – with thanks.

I really needed to read something of a light and escapist nature this last week, which I knew before I began would be a long a tiring one. The San Pareil Mystery turned out to be a good choice. I don’t often read mysteries written now, I generally reach for more vintage stuff but I used to once rather enjoy historical mysteries if they weren’t too gory. The San Pareil Mystery is in fact the second book in the series – which I hadn’t realised when I downloaded it – but it really doesn’t matter, and certainly my enjoyment of the novel was not spoiled by having not read the first instalment. I was particularly attracted by the idea of the theatrical setting – I always think theatres are wonderful settings for drama and intrigue – although the theatre itself plays quite a small role in this novel.

“There, dangling backwards over the jagged edge of the upper floor, was the body of a young woman. She was on her back. Her lifeless eyes stared up towards the cold February sky. Raven hair, turned grey with dust, cascaded from her head down towards the courtyard below. One arm trailed helplessly and swayed in the breeze. Her lower extremities appeared to be trapped beneath the void of the floorboards of the room.”

(More words…)517ia+jvLcL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

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