The 9th Hour Launch Party is here!


What a great day it is in New Mexico. The Mariachi band is playing, the bubbly is flowing and there’s a chocolate cake on the table made by one of New Mexico’s finest bakers. Keep out of the snow and click on over to The 9th Hour Launch Party and meet some awesome people.

New Mexico is home to some of Americas finest actors, models, poets, artists, screenwriters and authors. Albuquerque is the 32nd largest city in the US, known for the Sandia Mountains, Hatch green chile, the balloon fiesta , great southwestern cuisine, vast deserts, Native American/Hispano culture, adobe architecture, aliens… and series such as In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad. 

main_new_mexicoAnother character of note is David Temeke. He has been rated as one of the City’s finest homicide detectives. It’s true to say, he takes a more unconventional approach to solving some of the state’s most brutal murders. Endowed with a brash sense of humor and with a tendency to cut corners, he is not well loved by his superiors. But since a rash of kidnaps has just broken out and the lead detective has been killed, Temeke is the only one the Chief is willing to spare.

Below is the blurb for the book and a link to the Amazon page.

“Tense action and complex psychological motivation is woven into
a wonderfully satisfying novel.”
~ Kristin Gleeson – Author of the Celtic Knot Series

“An intense, superbly crafted reading experience. I guarantee you’ll go on
reading well past the ninth hour.”
~ Jim Pingelly, Kingdom Writing Solutions

“Gripping, innovative, brutal and yet redemptive. This is crime fiction
with a serrated edge and a brilliant sheen.”
~ Marco Storey, author and speaker

“An assured page-turner that leads inexorably to a satisfying conclusion.
I can’t wait for Detective Temeke Book 2!”
~ Jean Gill – The Troubadours Quartet

9th HourWhen the ninth young girl falls into the clutches of a serial killer, maverick detective, David Temeke, faces a race against time to save her life.

The Duke City Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico is no stranger to gruesome murders, but this new serial killer on their block keeps the body parts of his eight young victims as trophies and has a worrying obsession with the number 9. The suspect is incarcerated in the state’s high security penitentiary but Unit Commander Hackett is faced with a dilemma when another teenage girl goes missing.

Detective Temeke and his new partner, Malin Santiago, are sent to solve a baffling crime in the dense forests of New Mexico’s Cimarron State Park. But time is running out. Can they unravel the mysteries of Norse legends and thwart the 9th Hour killer before he dismembers his next victim?

This is the first in the Detective Temeke mystery series.


We hope you enjoy the party and your virtual visit to New Mexico. And remember, the only bad thing about Albuquerque is that Bugs Bunny always misses a left turn when tunneling…

Be safe out there.

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